Taking a step towards food sovereignty

This is a Climate Justice Testimony from Hector Pistache from Spain taken in October 2010. Learn more about how you can collect your own testimonies to spread the stories of climate justice.

SPANISH transcription: Hola, soy Hector, vivo en Madrid, España. Cada vez nos estamos dando cuenta que los bienes, sobretodo los productos con los que nos alimentamos, vienen de mas lejos con camiones y barcos. Entonces lo que mucha gente estamos empezando a hacer, sobretodo gente joven en las zonas más urbanas, es empezar a cultivar nuestros propios huertos con alimentos locales y de ese modo dar un paso adelante para la soberanía alimentaria.

ENGLISH translation: Hi, I’m Hector, I live in Madrid, Spain. We are daily realising that our goods, specially the ones we take in, are every time coming from more distant places with lorries and ships. So what we are young people starting to do in urban areas is to culture our own vegetable gardens with local food, and thus take a step towards food sovereignty.


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