New report shows massive industrial emissions cuts are possible in Europe

Using the latest technologies to reduce emissions would not harm European competitiveness

Brussels, 13 October 2010

A new report, released today by CAN Europe, shows greenhouse gas reductions of 80% or more are possible in European industry. It has often been argued that such deep emissions reductions are technically impossible or that they would harm the economy and create unemployment, a fear that has been holding back appropriate climate action in Europe. Today’s brochure highlights evidence to the contrary, showcasing the potential for deep emissions reductions in three of Europe’s most important industries: the paper, cement and steel sectors.

Emissions reductions of 80 – 95% are necessary in developed countries and regions such as Europe to avoid dangerous climate change, in addition to being legislatively mandated in the EU Climate and Energy Package of 2008. This report shows that such a lowering of emissions is possible using technologies that either already exist, are in the pilot phase or are close to being applied in demonstrator projects. According to the report commissioned by CAN-Europe, most of these technologies will reach market maturity between 2020 and 2030.

The CAN Europe brochure released today summarises technological details for significant emissions reductions in each of the three sectors mentioned above, none of which would harm European competitiveness or result in job losses. The last section uses the report’s main findings to formulate specific policy recommendations to be implemented within the next decade.


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