Towards a better overall system for everybody

This is a Climate Justice Testimony from Brook Riley from Scotland taken in October 2010. Learn more about how you can collect your own testimonies to spread the stories of climate justice.

ENGLISH transcription: Hi, my name is Brook Riley. The real driver for me coming to work in climate and energy is that my father and my uncle both worked in the oil and gas business for 25 years. My uncle is still working there, that’s after 40 years. And I always grew up thinking that energy really is a real problem and it is real source of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. And I think this connection between where we get our energy from and how we use it and what are the consequences of it. I think that is missing a lot, but I always had it really from an early age. So I’m now working in Brussels with Friends of the Earth and my real goal every day is to try and to make sure that we switch to a more sustainable renewable based energy system. And also that we do all we can to reduce our use and our waste on the daily basis of energy. To really get towards a better overall system for everybody.


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