EU’s historical responsibility

This is a Climate Justice Testimony from Rachel from the UK taken in November 2010. Learn more about how you can collect your own testimonies to spread the stories of climate justice.

ENGLISH transcription
Hello my name is Rachel and I’m on the march for climate justice. Because God! climate change terrifies me and I have so much fear about what will happen to the future. What will happen with resource wars and huge conflicts that arise because of climate change and eco system loss. It’s horrible, it’s horrible! So how do you change it? I don’t know. I work for a NGO. And I work with the sustainable energy security programme, looking at how the EU should not just be inward, and not only look to have its own interests. It has to think about its historical responsibility. We all live and have benefits from a history and all kinds of things. Colonialism and appropriation of other people’s resources. We have these benefits where other countries remain less economically developed. What does that even mean? So what do I do? There’s more things you feel you can do to change something. I only buy my clothes – almost only – from charity shops. And it’s great because you get all kind of stuff. You get to root through things. But you don’t feel like part of the consumerist drive to purchase more. You don’t have to worry about all the things… Production and consumption being the main values of our life. I don’t know. Climate Justice that’s what we want! Come on Cancún! Come on!


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