How to make a video testimony

Video testimonies are strong because they most clearly can show the consequences of climate injustice and the people affected by it.

When deciding to make a video testimony you might want to have a look at what a testimony is, and who might be affected by climate change and climate injustice, in order to decide on who and what you’d like to be the focus of your testimony.

When you’ve decided on your content it’s time to go recording! We’ve collected a couple of technical tips, tips for the interviewer as well as tips on how to make a strong personal story.

Also remember to do a bit of additional filming, which can be useful when editing the interview.

It’s important to inform the interviewee about how the testimony will be used to check if this is okay with him / her. Often the testimony will be published online and be used publicly to support your campaigning and / or policy work.

Once your climate justice testimony is ready you can use it. Read more about how to use and when to use the testimonies, to decide on what you want to do.

Also remember to make the testimony visible. You can upload it to youtube or, and tag it with: “demandclimatejustice”. Please also let us know when you’ve made a testimony.

If you don’t want to make a video testimony, you can also ask people to write their story and post it on a blog, you can upload images to flickr, or create an audio file to share on your website – the climate justice testimonies can have many forms. Again: Please let us know when you’ve made a testimony, not matter what form it has.

We would like to know if you found this information useful. Please post comments below or send them to us.


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