• Charged batteries
  • Clean camera lens / Lens paper
  • New videotapes cued to 1st minute
  • Tapes in progress cued to blank
  • Microphone and extra microphone battery (if available)
  • Rain protection for camera
  • Headphones (if available)
  • Tripod (if available)
  • Lights (if available)
  • Power pack and power cord (w/ extension cord) if you are filming indoors and do not want to use your batteries (recommended when you have to do more interviews on one day)
  • Battery charger accessible /AC power inverter
  • Plan for the shoot
  • Press pass or some kind of pass might always be handy in cases of emergency
  • Legal right to witness document (e.g. municipal rights of onlookers) (if necessary)
  • Questions (if prepared)
  • Interview tips

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