How to use the testimonies

Collecting and using these personal could form a central part of building a movement for climate justice in the second half of 2010 and into 2011. Some of the key events where the testimonies are useful are listed in the timeline. In general the testimonies are strong tools for:

  • Mobilising: your videos could contain a clear call for action (join a demonstration, take part in an online action,…) or link to a website with information on these actions. This will help you reach new target audiences as people send their own story to friends and colleagues. If you don’t plan your own action, you could also link this call for action with an ongoing campaign such as “The Big Ask” for a national climate law:
  • Movement building: making links with people and groups is important to build a strong movement for climate justice. Collecting personal stories could be a first step to starting dialogue with groups you don’t normally work with, and involving them in your activities. You could create a snowball effect by encouraging people to collect stories in their own communities.
  • Communication: These stories could form part of your communication with members of the public- especially online, helping to explain the issues of climate change and climate justice in a more approachable manner.
  • Lobbying: If you can’t bring 20 people to a meeting with a politician, you could bring their stories in the form of a video. This could show the broad support from different groups and individuals for your demands.
  • Street actions: Collecting stories or statements could be a way of reaching people if you have a stall in the street or at a festival or event. It could be part of an action on one of the action days in October. You could also show the messages on a screen as part of an action.

Let us know what you have done to collect personal stories, and if you have any suggestions, tips or questions!

We would also like to know if you found this information useful. Please post comments below or send them to us.


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